The Man That Wouldn’t Compromise

Exodus 8:25-27, Hebrews 11:24-26

The Christian life can not start with compromises, and can’t be sustained with compromise.
“Be sure you are right then go ahead.”
Moses was raised to be a leader of God’s people. His life was not a life of compromise.

Exodus 8:25-27 – A man without a conviction is like a door swinging on its bottom hinge, (Napoleon’s Drummer Boys).

I: Sacrifice To Your God in the Land 8:25.
1. Bloodless worship of Egypt: It’s alright to believe in God but don’t leave the world.
2. You can even join the church but don’t leave the world.
3. The Devil wants you to stay in the land.

II: Exodus 8:28 – Don’t Go Too Far Away.
1. Don’t leave the things of the world too far behind. “I would first die.”
2. Leave room for compromise.
3. Don’t be fanatic about your church.
4. The devil will keep us close and persuade us to come back. “Give him the little one,” (Hellen Fay).

III: Exodus 10:8 – “Go Ye that Are Men.”
1. “Leave your children behind.” (Bro. Spencer Delano).
2. The devil hates family religion.
3. Send your children, but you don’t heed to go.
4. You go to prayer meeting, but don’t take the children.
5. The devil likes a divided family.
6. “Honey, you ain’t saved!”

IV: Exodus 10:24-26 – “Leave Your Substance.”
1. “Leave your flocks and herds.” (Joe & Red).
2. Give God just as little as you can.
3. Tithing is not for today.
4. The devil don’t like for us to recognize our substance comes from God.
5. Go to church but don’t support the preacher.
6. Not a hoof shall be left behind.

“Seek ye first, the Kingdom of God.”
The young mocking bird traded a freedom for bread.

October 1959: Palm Dale
April 1960: Farmington, New Mexico
October 1960: Fiona
11/16/1960: Miles St., Bakersfield

May 1962: Green Acres, Bakersfield
October 1962: Fairfax, Bakersfield
April 1963: First St. Baptist, El Centro
04/08/1964: First Baptist, Carson St. Nevada

September 1964: Riverside, Emanuel
September 1964: Rev. Glen Mc. Clanghlon
March 1965: Arlanya
May 1965: Perris Valley
08/02/1966: Bluffton