Luke 14:15-24, Isaiah 55:1-3

Context: This parable was spoken in the house of a wealthy man. It was an occasion of hospitality but they were watching him.

I: Jesus watched and observed them.
1. He saw the man with dropsy.
He knew why the man was there.
2. He was how pride made them seek the best seats.
3. He saw that the host had invited a choice crowd.
4. Then he healed the sick man, shamed the guest and criticized the host.
5. Some one saw in the words he spoke a picture of the Kingdom of God.

II: Then Jesus told of a great supper.
1. Many were invited.
2. All the guests declined.
3. None said no, but all gave excuses.
4. What was the real reason?
a. They didn’t like the host.
b. They didn’t like the guest he might have.
c. They were contented to go about their own selfish way.
5. Then those in the streets of the city were invited.
6. “Go into the highways and hedges and compel them to come in.”
7. The host swore that those giving excuses would never eat at his table.

III: Jesus placed all excuses in 3 forms:
1. The care of this world.
a. The cares of living.
b. The worry of keeping things in order.
c. Letting these crowd out time for God.
2. The deceitfulness of riches.
The love of the filthy luker has been one of the main excuses of the ages.
3. The pleasures of life.
a. Pleasure is one of the most lied about excuses we use.
b. Regardless of what form it takes it is sin for pleasure to keep us from God.

IV: Will our excuses stand 3 tests?
1. The test of the hour.
2. The test of years (In a long period).
3. The test of eternity when we stand before God.