If This were My Last Year

James 4:13-17, Phil. 3:13-14
“One thing I know.” John 9:25
“One thing have I discussed.” Psalms 27:4

I: “This one thing I do.”
1. Many things will call for our attention.
a. The past will say, “We have always done it this way.”
b. Procrastination will say: “Don’t be in such a hurry there is plenty of time.”
c. Memory will call for us to live in the past.
2. But vital faith will call us to the need of the present hour and move us to prepare for the future.
3. If this were my last year, I’d try to finish at least 1 good job instead of starting many and finishing none.

II: I would think more in the realm of eternity.
1. I would prepare for eternity.
2. I would acquire assets that would last thru eternity. For Arca, Quene may.
3. I would not let so many trivial things of time bother me.
4. I would let eternity stamp its image upon me.

III: What changes would I make.
1. I think I wold be more considerate of others. My influence on my attitude towards here common or unclear.
2. Circumstancial evidence would not sway me so easily, (The old man in a wheel chair, and a mule, a sled of a man). Rover ark.
3. I would waste less time.
4. I would pray more.
5. I would do more for my Lord.
6. My church would become more the center of my attraction.
7. I would become a soul winner. (Mr. Swain).

If This were My Last Year
Philippians 3:13-14, Psalm 27:14-15, and John 9:25

I: “This one thing I do.”
1. “Why gaddest thou about so much …” Jeremiah 2:36
a. Our wondering aimlessly about would cease.
b. “Your goodness is as a morning cloud…” Hosea 6:4
c. “Reuben… unstable as water, thou salt not excel.” Genesis 49:4
2. The blind man knew “one thing” he was blind but now he saw.
3. Paul had condensed life into “one thing,” a desire to press the battle for God.
4. “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” James 1:8

II: I would settle down to “fight the good fight of faith.”
1. “Strive to enter in at the straight gate.” Luke 13:24
2. “Every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate.” Corinthians 1 4:25

III: I would think more in the realm of eternity.
1. I would prepare for eternity.
2. I would acquire assets that would last for eternity.
3. Trival things of time would take less of my time.
4. I would seek to know Him better that holds eternity in the hollow of his hand.

IV: What changes would I make?
1. Time would be used more wisely.
2. More time for prayer.
3. My church would become more precious to me.
4. Circumstancial evidence would carry less weight, (Picking cotton from a sled).
5. I would seek to win my family and acquaintances to God.

V: I would set a high standard (Tippy).
1. The 2 sisters of India.
2. While India starved, priest kept temples full of grain and America fed the starving.
3. All we own, all our tallents come from God.
4. I would strive to be a good steward.