Why Do Men Continue in Sin

Ecclesiastes 8:6-13
We see men controlled by the Sprit of the age and blindly given over to the ways of sin. Sin obeyed to the destruction of mind, body, and soul. Sin openly practiced with no ability to blush. Sin seems to be the popular thing to do. As we view the end of the men of worldly, we are brought to ask why do they continue? Solomon the wise, old King gives us the answer.

I: “Who is as the Wise Man?” vs. 1.
1. Wisdom maketh his face to shine, (A clean conscience).
2. “Keep the Kings commandment.” (No command like His).
3. “Be not hasty to go out of his sight.” (No hiding place).
4. “Stand not in an evil thing.” (Persist not).
5. “For he doeth,” (God inflicts the punishment on persistant sinners).
6. The Kings word is powerful. Romans 1:16.
7. “A wise man’s heart discerneth both time and judgment.” Cor. 2 6:2. Now is the accepted time.

II: “There is No Man that hath Power…” vs. 8.
1. No power to retain his own spirit, (No doctor, no medicine, no power of man).
2. No power in the day of death.
3. No power to stand in the day of Judgment.

III: “I saw the wicked burried.” vs. 10.
1. They had come and gone from the place of the Holy.
2. They were soon forgotten.

IV: Why do men continue in sin?
1. The wages of sin is death.
2. Sin robs of all that is Holy.
3. The pleasures of sin are for a season.
4. The sting of death is sin.
5. Three reasons from God’s word:
a. They refuse the Wisdom of God.
b. Because sentence against an evil work isn’t executed speedily. vs 11.
c. “Because he feareth not before God.” vs. 3