He Loved Them to the End

John 13:1-17

I: What kind of men were they?
1. Chosen from the grass roots.
2. Trained under the master teacher.
3. Witnessed the miracles of Jesus.
4. Associated with the Prince of Peace.
5. Given a world-wide task.

II: What made them hard to love?
1. Hot-headed, prejudiced, and self-centered.
2. He knew they would forsake him in his greatest hour of need.
3. They were fussing about their position in the future kingdom.
4. One would curse and deny him.
5. One would sell him for 30 pieces of silver.
6. All were determined not to be a servant.

III: What compelling force moved Jesus?
1. “For God so loved.”
2. With the burdens of a lost world on him, his love for the disciples endured.
3. Knowing the worst about them he loved them.
4. The job they were too good or too busy to do, he did.
5. “Jesus with the full knowledge that the Father had put everything into his hand.”

IV: Knowing that he came from God and was going to God, rose from the supper table.
1. He was not in doubt about himself.
2. Nothing could shake his composure for he had assurance of his position. (No bickering for position in his heart).
3. With quite assurance, he did the work of a servant (Bea Grace in Havana).
4. Peter was taught his greatest lesson.

V: I have given you this example.” Rody of Sunny Crest
1. Love the unlovely for what they can be.
2. With assurance of your position with God, lowly service won’t hurt so bad.
3. Perfect communion comes to those who learn to do the small task for God. He shined their shoes.
4. Our churches would not suffer for laborers if we would follow the example of Jesus (if Jesus was a member of this church).

Emmanuel Baptist: March 28, 1971 Evening Service
Valle Vista: April 1974