There is a Lad Here

John 6:1-14,  Mark 6:31-43,  & Deuteronomy 6:4-7

What is a boy? New England Mutual Life Insurance Company of Boston — Alan Beck. A boy is the only thing you can make a man out of.

I: Only a Lad:
1. Jesus used him to work one of his greatest miracles.
2. Who can measure the possibilities bound up in a boy?
3. “Look at the baby boy in the Bulrushes of Egypt.” Exodus 2:2-7
4. “Speak Lord, for thy servant heareth.” Samuel 1 3:10
5. “Only a boy with a sling shot, but the armies of Israel need him.” Samuel 1 17:
6. “It was just a boy that gave the warning that saved Paul’s life.” Acts 23:16-21
7. The Church in Scotland, n which Robert Moffat was saved, thought they had failed and was ready to ask their pastor to resign.
8. Nov. 1961: Fire on Mullholland Drive What was the main reason for the fire? Possessions they had.