Zacchaeus, Make haste and come down

Luke 19:1-10

I: Zacchaeus, the Tax Collector:
1. He was a man of Business.
2. He was accustomed to wealth and pleasure.
3. He sought to see Jesus.
4. He didn’t let others stand in his way.
5. He found a way to overcome obstacles in his way.

II: Zaccheaus meets Jesus:
1. He gladly gave up his old life.
2. He received Jesus with joy.
3. His heart was moved to meet the needs of needy people.
4. He was ready to do more than required to right the wrongs he had done.

III: The 1st thing Jesus asked him to do was to come down from the tree.
1. Namath would have remained a Leper had he refused to bathe in Jordan.
2. Matthew would have remained a tax collector had he refused to leave the job of collecting taxes.
3. Peter would have remained an obscure Fisherman had he refused to follow.
4. The good Samaritan would never have been heard of had he chosen to remain on his beast.
5. Zacchaeus would have continued a sinful rich man had he refused to come down from the tree.