Workmen that Need Not Be Ashamed

Timothy 2 2:15-16

I: Study, Plan, and Purpose:
1. Study God’s word, study the needs of your class, study the individual.
2. Plans make for a good building. Plans help us to count the cost and keeps our eyes open as though where we are going.
3. Purpose in your heart to plow the field thoroughly without a backward look.

II: Practice what you preach. Romans 2:21-
1. “Teachest thou not thyself?”
2. “Thou that preachest a man shouldn’t steal, dost thou steal?” Do you steal from God’s time, talent, or tithe?
3. Doest thou commit sacrilege?
4. Do you bring dishonor to God?
5. Your actions will speak louder than your words, your will teach by example whether you want to or not.

III: Work as one body. Cor. 1 12:13-22.
1. Jesus Christ as the head.
2. There is no place to act independent of the body.
3. The whole body couldn’t be an eye.
4. There is no place to degrade or pull away from the members of the body.
5. Every one is necessary to keep the body functioning.