“So Built we the Walls”

Nehemiah 1:1-4, 2:12-20
Stewardship under Adversity

I: A Man with a Burden:
1. “I ask them concerning the Jews … and concerning Jerusalem.” 1:2.
2. “I sat down and wept, and mourned.” Vs. 4.
3. “I fasted and prayed.” Vs. 4.
4. “We have sinned against thee.” Included himself. Vs. 6. “So I came to Jerusalem.” 2:11.

II: He saw the need and accepted the Challenge.
1. “I arose in the night.” Vs. 12. No fan fare of trumpets.
2. “and viewed the walls of Jerusalem.” Vs. 13.
3. “Then said I unto them,” Presented the challenge to the leaders.
4. “Ye see the distress that we are in.” He shared the entire responsibility.
5. “Let us build up the wall of Jerusalem.”

Here was a job for everyone. Success depended on corporation. They prepared to start, the enemy laughed with scorn.

III: “So built we the Wall.”
1. Out of the ashes of defeat.
2. In the face of ridicule.
3. Everyone prayed, worked, and fought.
4. Every man repaired the wall near his home.

IV: “The People had a mind to work.”
1. They were motivated:
a. They were interested, they desired, they felt the needs.
b. The external crises.
c. The influence of good leadership.
2. They overcame discouragement.
a. Ridicule, mockery, sarcasm, & satire. “To laugh out, to make fun of contempt.”
b. They meet the thread of physical danger.
c. They banded together in corporation.

V: “If We have a Mind to Work.”
1. We must see with clear eyes the need to work.
2. We must accept the discipline of hard work.
3. We shut our ears to the cry of Sanballat.
4. We must accept the Church as it is and work to build it as God would have it be.

Then a Revival will come.
Emigration began from Babylon in 538 B.C. and continued for several generations. Temple was completed 515 B.C., Nemiah came in 445 B.C.