Wheat and Tares in the Churches

Matthew 13:24-30, Revelation 2:4

The 7 Churches of Asia represents the churches of all the Church Age.
As Christ judges these churches, they were a mixed society of good and evil. 6 out of 7 He severely condemned. 1 out of 7 He finds no fault. 1 He finds nothing right.
Some Churches had lost their 1st love, some were false in their professions.
We find that among the finest of Christians, there are those who love and act like the World.

I: The 1st Churches had real opportunity.

1. The leaders had been with Jesus.
2. The mighty acts of the Son of God was fresh in their minds.
3. He preached a 1st hand experience.
4. These men were well prepared to get a Church on the right road!
5. But even these churches were beset with problems of Doctorine, Fellowship, Morals, inactive Members, and false Teachers.
6. The story of the Churches is a story of conflict inside and outside!

II: Jesus said it would be so! Matthew 13:24.

1. “The Kingdom of Heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in His field: But while men slept his enemy came…”
2. There has never been the saying of Spiritual seed, but that Satan found those to sow seeds of discord and sin.
3. Where grace abounds, the disgraceful is sure to be found.
4. Even in Heaven, 1/3 of the angels fell because of Sin and they were led by the Devil himself.
5. When Adam & Eve had a perfect place, sin came.
6. When Able came to worship, Cain was by his side.
7. Even among the 12, there were quarrels, theives, and doubt.
8. Paul’s heart was broken by false teachers. Demus forshook him for the world…
9. Wherever God’s people set up business, they can be sure Satan will be there.

III: Why the Struggle?

1. Why does God let the tares rob and choke the wheat, (that is the mystery of evil)?
2. The Church has never been able to set up a Golden Age.
3. The Church has never been able to do away with evil. The claw, tooth, tiger, and ape are still with us.
4. The Church has never been like a peaceful, unpolluted River flowing thru untroubled country.
“A little Flock” Elect remannant!
5. Jesus never promised the Church, “sun without rain, joy without sorrow, peace without pain.”
But God has promised for the day, rest for the labor, light on the way, Grace for the trials, help from above, unfailing sympathy, and undying love.