“In Hell He Lifted Up His Eyes.”

Luke 16:19-

Jesus told this as a true story and not as a parable.

I: When Hell Seems Far Away or Non-Existing:
1. This man was busy about many things.
2. He was making progress in his business life.
3. He was well clothed with the best material.
4. He was no doubt a great entertainer, and his wife prominent among the social set.
5. Every day was a day to eat, drink, and be merry.
6. He must have had a costly funeral.

II: Five Minutes In Hell Changed His Mind.
1. He didn’t have his wealth to worry him.
2. He was clothed with fires of hell.
3. He had no time to spread the banquet table.
4. Days had turned to one continual night filled with torment.
5. There was no stopping place; nor was there a place to change his course on his rapid trip to hell.

III: “In Hell He Lifted Up His Eyes.”
1. While his lips were parching, and he groaned in torment, he saw things in a new light.
2. He saw the place he could have been.
3. He saw and knew Lazarus.
4. He now begged for mercy, but too late.
5. Now he wanted water instead of wine.
6. He was not making fun of the fires of Hell.

IV: “Son Remember…”
1. His memory was now brought to torment him.
2. He remembered his houses and barns.
3. He remembered his days of merriment.
4. He remembered the preacher and God’s house.
5. He remembered a poor beggar that lay at his door.
6. He remembered things that tormented.

V: He Became Missionary-Minded.
1. He remembered five brothers that were lost.
2. He was sure of their present destination.
3. He wanted someone that had tested life beyond the grave to go tell them.
4. He was told of the blindness of sin that drove his brothers toward Hell.