The Lamb of God

Genesis 22: 1-14, Exodus 12:1-13, Peter 1:18-20 & John 1:2

I: “Without shedding of blood…” Hebrews 9:22.
1. Cain refused this way of cleaning.
2. Many human sacrifices were made to heathen gods.
3. The strange tie of blood and sacrifice in every tribe and nation.

II: The Lamb that took Issac’s place. Genesis 12:1-13.
1. “Take now thine only son.” verse 2.
2. “Whom thou lovest.” verse 2.
3. “Offer him.” No greater test.
4. “Abraham rose up early.”
5. “I and the lad will go yonder and worship and come again to you.” Faith in God’s love and care.
6. “My son, God will provide himself a lamb.” verse 8.

III: The Passover Lamb Exodus 12:1-13.
1. “This month shall be unto you the beginning of months.” Verse 2.
2. “Your lamb shall be without blemish.” Verse 5.
3. “They shall take of the blood…” Verse 7.
4. “When I see the blood.” Verse 13.

IV: “The Lamb of God.” John 1:29.
1. Here was God’s great sacrifice.
2. Here was the lamb for which the whole world looked.
3. One can never Christ until he knows Him as God’s lamb.
a. He is the savior.
b. Complete Savior: Taketh away.
c. A mighty Savior: For all.
d. A perpetual Savior daily.
e. He is the unchanging Savior.

What are you going to do about it? Deacon and Tithe.
Perris Valley Baptist: December 6, 1964.