The Undecided

Kings 1 18:17-24

Our world is in a state of indecision. Christianity limps thru the spiritual marked shopping, but never giving a verdict. Even when the sentence is passed, the penalty is nonely carried out.

I: “How long halt we between his options?” verse 21.
1. Elijah faced three kings of people; those sold out to God (very few) the servants of God (many) and a multitude of undecided.
2. Elijah addressed himself to the undecided.
3. The undecided were crippled!
4. They were trying to stay on the good side of Baal and God.
5. The undecided looked back more than forward.They have put their hands in the plow but are plowing a crooked row!
6. To them, religion was a matter of opinion, not conviction.
7. We chance our opinions, but our convictions change us!
8. A way of life that is not fit to die by is not worth living with!

II: “If the Lord be God.”
1. Bring your limping to an end! Indecision will kill it.
2. Hot or cold? Lukewarm people makes even God want to vomit. Revelations 3:16.
3. We can get just enough religion to make us miserable.
4. No man that has tasted of the waters of God spiritual spring can be satisfied with a cistern full of wiggle tails!

III: “To whom shall we go?”
1. The crows had gone away.
2. Jesus asked, “Will ye also go away?”
3. Peter asked, “To whom shall we go?” John 6:67-68.
4. Victory comes when our minds are yielded to God’s will for us.
5. We ought to decide who has the best program for life and death, time and eternity.

“All to Jesus I surrender. All to Him I freely give.” Time, Talent, Tithe.
Valli-vista Baptist – February 1974