Now is my Soul Troubled?

An unpleasant job: Too often we refuse to do the unpleasant task or one that calls for sacrifice.

John 12:23-33
The Greeks were knocking at his door for admission. Sheep of the other folds were ready to come in. The burdens of a lost world were now laid upon Him. The grain of wheat was ready for planting. He was about to lose his life for others.

I: “Now is my soul troubled?”
1. A troubled heart is a troubled prayer.
2. Troubled because of the sins of others.
3. The death of the cross and separation from the father were too much for him.
4. The trouble was crushing his heart.
5. He was walking with: Abraham to Mt. Moriah, sitting with Job on an ash heap. David as he cried Absolem, O Absolem; with Jeremiah as he watched a Nation commit suicide. Elijah was under the Juniper Tree.
6. “It is a questionable if any life reaches its prime, or unfolds its beauty unless there have been some dark hours in which cries of pain have born witness to the troubled soul.”

II: “What shall I say?”
1. His soul was shaken from stem to stem.
2. There was a perplexity as to what to say or do.
3. The possibility of escape was always present with him. Most times there is an easier way out.
4. The call of duty to an unpleasant task, countered by a way of escape.
5. The human heart shrinks from pain and suffering and will usually settle for a lesser price.
6. Jesus knew what was required of him. “But for this cause cam I”
7. Trouble comes to all but not all react alike.

III: “Father, glorify thy name.”
1. The cry of the heart of Jesus said, “Father have you ever cried from a troubled heart? Oh God, help me.”
2. Jesus shrank from drinking the bitter cup of death and sin.
3. Knowing Gods will be submitted to it.
4. Here is the only God approved wa for a troubled heart to speak.
5. “Save me the mountain of giants.”

Vally Vista: March 18 1973