The Hour Has Come

John 17:1-12

I: Jesus was a man of prayer.
1. The New Testament records thirteen times when he prayed.
2. His public prayers were brief, but his private prayers often lasted all night.
3. If any man questions the value of prayer, he should study the prayer life of Jesus.

II: “The hour has come.”
1. The supreme battle for the souls of men.
2. The hour of the greatest sacrifice.
3. The hour of the lamb of God.
4. The hour to hear the sins of the world.
5. The hour of darkness and shame.
6. The hour of earthquake and grave opening.
7. The hour of man’s greatest sin and shame.
8. The hour of separation from the Father.
9. The hour he would finish the work he came to do.
10. The hour of victory over death, hell and the grave.
11. The hour to bruise the serpent’s head.

III: “Glorify thy son.”
1. He did not ask for an extended life.
2. He was nearing the finish of his work on earth.
3. He was ready to go home. “With the glory which I was constantly having with you before the Universe existed.”
4. “I have glorified you on Earth having carried through to completition that which you have given me to do.”
5. He came to “seek and to save that which was lost.”

IV: “This is Eternal Life.” verse 3
1. “That they might know thee.”
2. “And Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent.
3. “I kept them in thy name.” verse 12
4. “I have kept them and non of them are lost.” verse 12
5. Verse 15 commended into the Father’s care. He is praying for you.

Glory: Honor, distinction, majesty, splendor, brightness, and radiant beauty.

Parris Valley Baptist: September 10, 1967