The Churche’s Obligation to Reach People

Corinthians 2 3:2, & 5:17-19

I: What is the main task of the local church?
1. “The church is a fellowship of redeemed people. It is none. It is an agency of reconciliation.”
2. Christ established the Church to do his work of Earth.
3. Reaching people is not a question of convenience for the Christian. Ezekiel 3:17-19.
4. Jesus taught and practiced visitation witnessing.
a. His personal needs did not keep him from seeking that which was lost.
b. The multitudes of Jesus’s day were not attending the regular religious meetings, so he went where they were.
5. A Church’s spiritual life is closely related to its outreach. So is the individual Christian.

II: Outreach to whom?
1. One indication of the Church’s outreach is its SS enrollment and attendance.
2. Christians are not ordinary people and should not be satisfied to do the ordinary.
3. The presence and power of God in our life furnishes the plus factor which lifts us above the ordinary! To us Jesus said, “I am with you always.”
4. The limitations upon reaching people is human, not divine! The outreach of a church is proportionate to its leadership’s vision and commitment.

III: Reaching people is the responsibility of SS.
1. If a church is determined to make the best possible of the Church’s resource, they will give major attention to the Sunday School!
2. Any church can, if it wishes, use its Sunday School to reach people for Christ.
3. Sunday School is more than class room teaching those who lead in the bible teaching program, must apply bible truths. The truth is taught that outreach is in the bible.
4. SS members have daily contact with people who need Christ.
5. The Sunday School teaches the bible to those enrolled.
6. SS has a history of 50 yrs. of success in reaching, teaching, and winning people to Christ.

IV: How to measure outreach:
1. Outreach is measured in the number of people. No apology is needed when numbers represent people that need to be taught the Bible.
2. The difference between 15 or 16 people reached may be one divided home, and a child whose father needs Christ and Christian Fellowship.
3. The difference between 97 and 98 people reached last year is one invaluable soul.