The Prayers that God Answers

Probation of Oaths 5:12

Jesus distinguished between oaths.
I: A Christian should have the reputation of always telling the truth.
1. His yes means yes and his no means no.
2. His word is his bond.
3. It is a shame for Christians to have a reputation of being doubted in their given promise or word.
4. It is a shame when a Christian’s word is no better than a man without God.
5. James warned Christians against cursing. The name of God should never be taken lightly.

II: Encouragement to Pray 5:13-18:
1. Prayer teaches us the proper way to use God’s name.
2. The personal aspect of prayer.
3. The prayer for those that suffer.
4. When we suffer, prayer helps us to place our case before the Judge of all the Universe.
5. Pray when you are happy.
6. Pray the intercessors prayer.
7. The Prayer of Confession.
a. Confession to a trusted friend.
b. Confession to individuals we have offended.
c. Confession to the Church when its fellowship has been affected.
8. Confession would lead us to pray for one another. Confession that fails to bring mutual prayer is not effective.

Fear often keeps us from confession. “I’m sorry” is the hardest and most fearful words.

Ridicule is a real possibility we face when trying to confess and ask forgiveness. We may not confess for fear our confidence will not be kept. Confession has demands upon both parties! Sin effects the effectiveness of prayer.