The Church Body

Corinthians 1 12:1-27

Gifts of the Spirit are capacities for service
The Human Body: It contains lime enough to white wash a fair size chicken coupe, sugar enough to fill a small shaker, iron enough to make a ten penny nail, plus water, and worth about 98 cents. Yet it is the most marvelous work of creation.

I: The Body is one. 12- (Displaced members):
1. Every gift of the spirit is given to profit the whole body.
2. The spirit melts and molds the body together.
3. When one member fails to function the whole body is hindered.
4. There must be coordination of all parts.
5. Every member must be in subjection to the head.

II: There is no room for self-depreciation. Pop Odum – What can I do?
1. The foot cannot say there is nothing for it to do in the body.
2. The eye lets light into the whole body.
3. The hands must feed and provide.
4. Every member should take with joy the place assigned him by the spirit.

III: There is no room to depreciate others.
1. The foot cannot say it does not need the hand.
2. The eye cannot say it does not need the rest of the body.
3. “Every member is hindered by the lifeless member attached.” Homer Colehond

There must be corporation and coordination of the body as a whole in order to do a great work. Let us think the circles together and let God weld a chain of victory this coming week.

Sun City – August 1964
Valley Vista Baptist – June 9, 1974