Jesus Wept

Jesus most probably spent the night with the beloved family of Bethany.                                Luke 19:29-44

I: The King Rides a Colt.
1. He was borrowed. as foretold in  Psalm 50:10
2. Entered not with the pomp and power of the kings of earth.
3. The passover crowds were waiting for him to take the road to Jerusalem.
4. He traveled over the rugged road of Mt. Olives.
5. Palm branches and coats were spread in the path.

II: “He Beheld the City.”
1. The great city of Prophets and Priests.
2. The beloved city of David and Solomon.
3. The city that was under the Roman boot.
4. Torn with strife, looking for a Messiah.
5. The city that killed the Prophets and stoned the Messengers.
6. Ruled by religious leaders with closed minds.
“How often have I longed to gather your children to me as a hen gathers her young under her wing, but you refused.”

III: Jesus Wept.
1. The crowd spread their garments and rejoiced.
2. The Pharisees rebuked the crowds and rejected Jesus.
3. Jesus wept.
“If you had known this day what things made for peace?”
4. Jesus saw the past, present, and future.
5. He knew that their hour was passing.
6. He knew the results of refusal ( in 70 A.D, Jerusalem was destroyed).

IV: Passing Opportunities and Tears.
1. Jesus wept because they were missing their greatest hour.
2. The hour one meets Jesus can be the greatest or saddest hour of ‘ life.
3. If we could read the future, tears might flow from our eyes.
4. Seven or seventy years may still be reflecting our decision of this hour.
5. To refuse the Will of Jesus in our lives is to invite failure.

The future has no brightness when the light of God is turned out.

Jesus Wept
John 11:35

I: “He whom Thou Lovest is Sick.” vs. 3
1. “A certain man was sick.” (A loved man)
2. Mary had shown her love in an unusual way. vs. 2
3. This home was a quiet place of retreat for the Master.
4. This home was in love with Jesus, and Jesus loved this home. vs. 5

II: “He Abode 2 days.” When this Happens We Wonder.
1. Why the delay? There is no clean cut answer why Jesus seems to run behind time.
2. Danger of death to himself was not the cause of delay.
3. “Lazarus is dead.” “I am glad.” vs. 14-15
4. Thomas may doubt but he had courage. vs. 16

III: “Lord if Thou Hadst been Here.” vs. 21
1. Her concept of Jesus was limited.
2. Her faith in him was much greater than her concept.
3. “Thy brother shall rise again.”
4. “I am the Resurrection and the life.” vs. 25
5. Could He not have kept this man from dying?

IV: “Jesus Wept.”  Why? vs. 35
1. The paid Mourners with Artificial Tears.
2. The heart broken sisters as they faced the unknown.
3. The fearful Disciples.
4. The presence of death.
5. Jesus felt the sorrows and hopelessness of men before the terrors of death.

“I am the Resurrection.”