Songs in the Night

If Christians would learn to be content with God in times of adversity, other people would be moved to investigate their beliefs. Songs in the night carry more conviction and appeal to the lost than grumbling ever dared to dream about. It is the human thing to grumble, but the divine to rejoice.

I: Grumbling Never Pleases God:
1. The book of Deut. could be named the book of grumbling.
2. Israel only sang when the sun was at its brightest.
3. Grumbling comes from a heart that is diseased with

  • a. Unbelief
  • b. Loss of joy of salvation
  • c. Discouragement.
  • d. Ingratitude.

4. “The Optimist may be wrong as often as the Pessimist, but he is happier.”

II:  Paul and Silas Sang at midnight.
1. They had much to complain about.
2. Their present pain and sorrow was enough to bring complaints.
3. The future was uncertain and insecure for them.

“I have learned whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.”Phil 4:11
III. Others

  • There were 2 frogs in the milk can. Both paddled and paddled. One gave up and drowned. The other kept paddling until he made butter and saved himself.
  • Job hit the note of praise in his saddest hour. Job. 1:21-22
  • Peter and the apostles were able to depart from the Council, rejoicing after they were beaten.
  • Spafford lost his fortune during the Chicago fire. He sent his wife abroad while he set about to regain his fortune. Mrs. Spafford was in a shipwreck and lost their two children. In his pain and despair he wrote the songs “Saved alone”and ¬†“When peace like a river attendeth my way.”