Luke 1:9, 2:14, John 1:10-13, and Isaiah 9:5-7

Peace: concord, harmony, friendliness, calmness, quiet, unperturbed, reconciliation.
Discord or Discension: war, disagreement, dispute, disharmony, jangle.

I: The world to which He came. Greater temple than Solomon built.
1. The Roman soldiers were in control of the Holy Land.
2. The pagan gods were prevelent.
3. People were weary of war and strife.
4. Taxes were heavy and poverty was prevelent.
5. Spies prevaded Jerusalem.
6. A wicked ruler held life and death.

II: The world in which we live.
1. War, strife, unrest, apeasement, and suspecion.
2. American boys are policing the world that doesn’t want them. “Go home Yankee.”
3. Our financing of foreign aid puts the tax load at an all time high.
4. We face a world torn with strife.
5. At home: Men in high places, sell their birthright.
a. Immoral practices without blushing.
b. Pagan religions and athiest press us on the public pay rolls.
c. A generation of college youth without discipling.
d. An unending supply of village idiots to entertain us.
e. We condem the cigarette and enthrone king alcohol.
f. We are swaying to the wind and reaping the whirlwind.
g. Broken hearts confront us at every turn.

III: Where shall we look for Peace?
1. Our money and armies have failed to find it.
2. The U.N. is but a sounding board.
3. Pleasure produces more heartaches.
4. Our Scientist and learned leaders give us means of distruction but peace becomes more unsteady.
5. We have improved on everything but man.
6. Our churches have more people on church rolls and fewer christians on the job.
7. “Everybody talking about Heaven ain’t going there.”

IV: “To guide out feet into the way of Peace.”
1. “Knowledge of salvation, Remission of sin.”
a. “The day spring from on high has visited us.”
b. “The day spring from on high has visited us.”
c. “To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death.”
d. “To guide our feet into the way of peace.”
2. The only peace this world will ever know must come through Jesus. The church holds the key.

Birds in the Storm: The 2 artists drew their concept of peace, birds in a storm.

Luke 1:76-79, 2:7-14

I: Peace is a household word throughout the world.
1. Men have been willing to sacrifice, even unto death in search of peace.
2. Great minds have searched every theory of a man for a lasting peace.
3. Armies have been raised to preserve and protect peace.
4. The automic bomb and H-bomb were brought to reality while men sought peace.
5. Volumns of books have been written on how to get peace.
6. Nations are crying peace, peace, but there is no peace.

II: Where shall we look for peace?
1. We know that our wealth as a nation can’t buy it (Marshal plan).
2. Our army, navy, and air force have not led us to real peace, (a truce only).
3. OIur pleasure mad nation only brings more business to hospitals and undertakers.
4. Our great wisdom has failed to give peace.
5. Our fraternal organizations are unable to give peace to a troubled heart.
6. Our weak-kneed, compromising churches are not making headway toward peace.

III: A thing is usually found where it was lost.
1. Man lost peace in the garden of Eden.
2. When man sinned he separated himself from the source of peace.
3. Gods blessing upon Israel contained a promice of peace. Num. 6:22-27.
4. When Israel walked with God there was peace in the land.

IV: The Prince of Peace. John 14:27
1. “To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.” Luke 1:79
2. “Glory to God in the highest and on earth, peace, good will toward men.”
3. There will never be peafce in the individual heart that is ruled by sin.
4. There can never be peace in a nation until there is peace in the hearts of its people.
5. You may have peace without price or lab or by just accepting the Prince of Peace.

“But to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded in life and peace.” Rom. 8:6
The artist’s concept of Peace: A bird sing in a peaceful surrounding, a bird singing in the storm.