Rich Young Ruler

Matthew 11:28-30, Mark 10:17-21
When one meets Jesus he must make the most important decision of his life.

I: The rich young ruler:
1. “There came one running.”
2. “And kneeled to him.”
3. “And asked him, Good master.”
4. “What shall I do?”
5. “That I may inherit eternal life?”
6. He came in haste, he took a humble posture, he asked what he could do, he wanted eternal life.

II: “And Jesus said unto him.”
1. Are you addressing me as God? What do you mean by what you have said? (Adam, Moses, Elijah, Isaiah, Peter, and Paul).
2. Are you practicing what you know is right?
a. You know right, are you living right?
b. Adultery can be in looks and thought.
c. Lies can be told by half truths.
d. There are many ways to cheat.
e. How is your relationship at home?
3. Master all these have I done from my youth.
4. Jesus took him at his word.

III: 1 thing is missing.
1. He may have been an example in his conduct before others.
2. Jesus was not out to bargain with the young man. Eternal life could not be earned or bought.
a. Most churches would have been thrilled that he came … even on his terms!
b. He would have gotten on the Finance commitee and Youth Council the 1st business meeting. (He is a wonderful leader and we have made him youth director but he is a social drinker)! California 1970
3. Go sell and give then come!
a. Jesus wasn’t ready to accept the worlds standard nor hand out easy passes to Heaven.
b. The narrow gate and way was too costly to be compromised. It costed Jesus all, and anyone who walks on it must be willing to pay all.
c. No one can have eternal life at a bargain price.
4. The cross must be taken by free choice.
5. He was sad, he went away in sorrow. He was said but unwilling to pay the high price.
6. Jesus loved him, but couldn’t lower the standard of complete surrender.
7. 1 thing kept this young man from eternal life.