The Rock Foundation

Matt. 7:21-27
Christ warned of false prophets and false standards.

I: Words must be coupled with action.
1. Many process to believe in God but refuse to submit to His will.
2. Many do what they think is the will of God but never stop to consult his word.
3. Jesus only will acknowledge those whom he has known personally.

II: The wise man built upon the Rock.
1. He heard the word of God and obeyed.
2. “He digged deep,” but went all the way to the rock.
3. He went below all the trash and mud in his life.
4. He went below the membership of a chrch.
5. He went below predujice, party or creed.
6. He wanted his family to live in a house that would stand the storms of strife, sin, sorrow, and eternity.
7. When the storms came his fears were overcome by looking at the foundation.

III: The foolish man built upon the sand.
1. He heard the word of God but wouldn’t obey.
2. He thought it easier to build on the surface.
3. He thought it too costly to dig deep, for it would cost him time and money plus his own pride.
4. His eyes were blinded to the future.
5. He was too busy living in the present to think of the days of storm.
6. He provided everything his family needed for today but nothing for eternity.
7. When the storms came it was too late to start digging.
8. His house went to pieces under the stress and strain.

Never has homes been tested more than now and it is a shame to see how many are washed apart by the storms and cast upon the shores of eternity.