“When I Saw Him”

Rev. 1:10-20 The Eternal Christ

I: “I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day.”
1. Many miss the miracles and blessings by not being in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day.
2. The best place to be in the Spirit is to be where God wants you on the Lord’s Day!
3. “Heard.” vs. 11. Ears turned to Spiritual Sounds.
4. “I saw.” Eyes clear.

II: “I Saw Him.”
1. “I fell at His feet as dead.”
His glory blinded and paralized John.
2. John was overwhelmed, over-powered, and his very life seemed to ebb away.
3. Why was John so efffected? He had been very close to Jesus on Earth!
a. He lay his head on his bosom at the Last Supper.
b. He watched Jesus die on a cruel cross.
4. John saw more than a Godly Man could stand.

III: Christ the Mighty One:
1. John saw His unveiled Diety!
2. The Manger, the Carpenter, the Teacher, the Miracle Worker, the Pain and Death of the Cross, the Resurrection had not revealed Jesus as John saw Him there on Patmos!
3. John saw the Eternal One!
4. John looked into the eyes of the Judge of all the Earth.
Before whom every knee shall how and every tongue shall confess.
5. John could look upon the Beauties of Heaven and the Horrow of Hell, and stand on his feet; but when he saw the glorified Christ, he fell like a dead man!
6. John felt his own littleness, like Issiah, like Peter he saw himself.
7. In the presence of the Eternal one, all human fless is as grass.
8. No one can truly worship Jesus until He is overwhelmed by His Greatness!
9. Familiarity with and disrespect for God robs one of real worship.

“I fell at His Feet!”
“His name is wonderful.”